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«Creating value together»

Because we place value on values

Commitment, expertise and sustainability – these are all values that mark us out as a family-run business. How we think and act is shaped by our owner, the Princely House of Liechtenstein, and its 900 years of tradition and entrepreneurial experience.

We appreciate the value of traditions and firm beliefs and know how important it is to share these with other people. We also know that it is values such as respect and a sense of responsibility that create trust and bring people together in an uncertain world.

When we develop investment solutions, we do so with one eye on the future and in conversation with you. As a bank, we know what it means to accumulate and preserve wealth. As a client, you know that it is not just monetary assets that have value.

This is why we place value on values. We firmly believe this is the only way we can create added value for you, our employees and the company.