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LGT - your employer for the long term

It is important to us that you are satisfied in the long term with the company and with the work you do. Which is why, at LGT, you will find not only individual and exciting job opportunities but also opportunities for long-term further professional development.

Nathalie Merkofer, Head Group Human Resources

"We are looking for advisors, not salespeople"

Nathalie Merkofer, Head Group Human Resources, talks about LGT’s unique corporate culture, its reputation in the financial community and what the bank expects from new relationship managers.

Nathalie Merkofer, Head Group Human Resources

Your future colleagues

Do you want to find out more about LGT as an employer? Our employees tell you about their work and experiences.

Roman Frick, Relationship Manager, Liechtenstein

"Even at my interview, I got the impression that there would be very good opportunities for development at LGT; this impression has been confirmed. I felt very proud when I received the offer of an apprenticeship. With its international orientation and strategic mindset, LGT is a forward-looking company - and successful development naturally also gives me the feeling of stability and security as an employee."

E-mail, phone +423 235 1854

Paul Göldi, Group Head Trading/Treasury, Liechtenstein

"After over 20 years at major banks, both at home and abroad, and tasks that had become increasingly specialized, I fancied a job with more variety. An LGT colleague suggested the bank belonging to the Princely House of Liechtenstein. During my first meeting with LGT representatives, I was surprised how strongly I identified with their values."

E-mail, phone +423 235 1203

Oliver Heinzelmann, Head Group Investment Services Compliance, Liechtenstein

"I was looking for an entrepreneurial environment with a "human" touch where personal values are also important and embodied. Respect and common sense are valued highly at LGT and are exemplified by the owner and top management. The group is not too large, and yet it’s international enough for you to progress professionally and you can learn new things in all subject areas."

E-mail, phone +423 235 1781

Ekaterina Ossipova, Head Relationship Manager, Switzerland

"What I like about LGT is that it is a traditional private bank owned by a family. I find it very exciting that the Princely Family keeps its own money in the bank and that my clients have the opportunity for co-investment. I also find that the LGT product range works for me, the expertise within Compliance is outstanding, and the bank understands the Russian market where I work."

E-mail, phone +41 44 250 7855

Andreas Hellmann, Investment Manager, Switzerland

"I got to know LGT during an internship in the Private Equity Investment team at LGT Capital Partners. I had very positive experiences, both in terms of the content and on a personal level, and so I decided to start my professional career here. The long-term orientation of LGT, together with a pragmatic, target-oriented culture, offers me an ideal framework to apply myself and develop."

E-mail, phone +41 55 415 9736

Arnold Ritter, Head Information Systems Group Project Management & Services, Liechtenstein

"During the past 20 years, LGT gave me the possibility of continuing education in the form of on-the-job training, where I was faced with constant new challenges and jobs."

E-mail, phone +423 235 1946

Satisfaction the key to success

Satisfied employees are vital to the success of a company. As shown by the results of the latest employee survey, our employees are very satisfied with LGT as an employer and with their working environment. In almost all areas, employees gave high to very high ratings. Overall satisfaction with the working conditions at LGT scored eight out of ten. Compared with other companies, this is one of the highest scores in the financial sector.

Our strength and our success are the result of a long-term outlook combined with an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels - this too makes a crucial difference to our employees.