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LGT sponsorship in Austria

Through its commitment to society at large, LGT Bank Austria pursues its aim of creating long-term, reliable value.

2018 LGT Media Prize

Once a year, LGT Bank Austria awards the LGT Media Prize to a world-class up-and-coming journalist. The very best pieces by young journalists writing on business and finance are honored. The accolade is worth EUR 10 000 and is presented at an awards ceremony in late February each year by H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, Chairman of LGT.

Regrettably, 2018 marks the first year in which no LGT Media Prize will be awarded. After lengthy discussions, the jury – made up of high-profile, independent experts from business, academia and journalism – recommended that LGT Bank Austria refrain from awarding the prize this year. The jury members justified their decision by saying that none of the articles submitted met all of the criteria in the competition specifications to a sufficient extent to merit winning the prize.

LGT Bank Austria will of course continue with its tradition nonetheless and will once again be on the look-out for Austria’s best young business journalist next year. The competition specifications will be disclosed shortly.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

More information (From left to right) Dr. Dieter Waldmann (Executive Director EY responsible for the Entrepreneur of the Year), Dietmar Baumgartner (Co-CEO LGT Bank Austria), the Hauser family (Stanglwirt GmbH), Meinhard Platzer (Co-CEO LGT Bank Österreich), Gunther Reimoser (Country Managing Partner at EY Austria)

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award honors the world's most successful and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. Sponsored by Ernst & Young in 60 countries, the award is one of the highest accolades for entrepreneurs. Ernst & Young awarded this prestigious prize in Austria for the twelfth time on October 19, 2017 in Vienna's Hofburg Palace in front of some 350 guests from business, politics, and society.

LGT Bank Austria has now supported the presentation of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for eleven years. "We seek to pay tribute to the performance and innovation of outstanding companies in Austria and our involvement here is one way of achieving that. This is very important to us for we are convinced that small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, are a key factor in the success of our economy and a guarantee for stability and long-term growth," said the two co-CEOs of LGT Bank Austria, Dietmar Baumgartner and Meinhard Platzer. In this year's competition, Karoline Scheucher and Alois Strohmeier of Steirerfleisch Gesellschaft m.b.H were chosen to represent Austria at the World Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which will be held at Monte Carlo in June 2018.

The finalists and winners:

The Industry & High-Tech Category

  • Winner: Michael Pachleitner of Michael Pachleitner Group GmbH
  • Finalists: Martin, Thomas and Katharina Rhomberg of Fries Kunststofftechnik GmbH
  • Finalists: Mario and Rene Haidlmair of Haidlmair Holding GmbH

The Trade and Consumer Goods Category

  • Winners and representatives at the World Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Karoline Scheucher and Alois Strohmeier of Steirerfleisch Gesellschaft m.b.H
  • Finalists: Andrea and Georg Blochberger of Blochberger Eisproduktion GmbH
  • Finalists: Andreas and Walter Heindl of Walter Heindl GmbH

The Services Category

  • Winner: The Hauser family of Stanglwirt GmbH
  • Finalist: Stefan Ebner of Braintribe IT-Technologies GmbH
  • Finalist: Fritz Müller of Müller Transporte GmbH

The Start-Up Category

  • Winner: Lorenz Edtmayer and Maximilian Nimmervoll of Tailored Media GmbH
  • Finalists: Andrea Lehner and Margot Helm of andmetics Andrea Lehner Cosmetics GmbH
  • Finalist: Michael Hurnaus of Tracitve GmbH

LGT Bank Austria supports Teach For Austria as part of the "100 and 1 Partnership"

More information Petra Pajic and her class in Vienna get support by LGT Bank Österreich. (Foto: Doka)

Teach For Austria campaigns for equal opportunities in the educational system and fosters children and adolescents from low-income and educationally disadvantaged families.

To achieve this, Teach For Austria recruits university graduates who stand out both on a personal and on a professional level. After thorough educational preparation, they teach as fully-fledged teachers (fellows) for at least two years in urban secondary schools and 'new middle schools' that are subjected to an exceptionally high social burden. During this period, they are supported by experienced trainers.

LGT Bank Austria supports Fellow Petra Pajic, who teaches in a polytechnic in Vienna's 20th district. Like every fellow, she helps some 100 children to make up for deficits in performance at school each year.

Visit for more information

"The market for information is becoming bigger and more diverse all the time. This makes the media, which filter, contextualize, explain and comment on it, all the more important. By presenting the LGT Media Prize to outstanding young journalists, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of a free press."

Meinhard Platzer and Dietmar Baumgartner, Co-CEOs LGT Bank Österreich