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LGT sponsorship in Austria

Through its commitment to society at large, LGT Bank Austria pursues its aim of creating long-term, reliable value.

LGT Media Prize 2019

LGT Bank Österreich is awarding the LGT Media Prize for the ninth time this year. Despite the fact that the prize was not awarded for 2018 on the recommendation of the jury, as none of the entries submitted met all the criteria, LGT Bank will continue to pursue its goal of promoting top journalistic achievements in the field of business and financial reporting and awarding them a cash prize.

Following intensive discussions with representatives of the Austrian media and on their recommendation, LGT Bank Österreich has, however, made significant changes to the tendering procedures. While the LGT Media Prize was formerly focused on promoting young journalists, it is now intended to present the quality of financial and business reporting in general to the jury. This means that the current age limit of 35 years of age will fall, and for the Media Prize 2019 all journalists from German-language print and online media with an Austrian editorial address will be able to submit corresponding articles.

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2018; the LGT Media Prize will be awarded on 27 February 2019.

All details of the LGT Media Prize 2019 call for entries and the required criteria can be found in these links:


LGT Bank Austria supports Teach For Austria as part of the "100 and 1 Partnership"

More information Petra Pajic and her class in Vienna get support by LGT Bank Österreich. (Foto: Doka)

Teach For Austria campaigns for equal opportunities in the educational system and fosters children and adolescents from low-income and educationally disadvantaged families.

To achieve this, Teach For Austria recruits university graduates who stand out both on a personal and on a professional level. After thorough educational preparation, they teach as fully-fledged teachers (fellows) for at least two years in urban secondary schools and 'new middle schools' that are subjected to an exceptionally high social burden. During this period, they are supported by experienced trainers.

LGT Bank Austria supports Fellow Petra Pajic, who teaches in a polytechnic in Vienna's 20th district. Like every fellow, she helps some 100 children to make up for deficits in performance at school each year.

Visit for more information

"The market for information is becoming bigger and more diverse all the time. This makes the media, which filter, contextualize, explain and comment on it, all the more important. By presenting the LGT Media Prize to outstanding young journalists, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of a free press."

Meinhard Platzer and Dietmar Baumgartner, Co-CEOs LGT Bank Österreich