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From start-ups to family-owned businesses and corporations: Entrepreneurs shape the world of tomorrow. In the Entrepreneurship section, you can discover how entrepreneurship shapes companies and society – with new business models, products and innovation.

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Entrepreneurs in particular play an active role in shaping the world of tomorrow. With innovations, new business models and products, they create solutions to the major challenges of the future. This is why entrepreneurship is a catalyst of social change.Entrepreneurship is multi-faceted: The young founders of start-ups or busy serial entrepreneurs may act quite differently from the seasoned manager of a family-owned company that has existed for generations. We want to turn the spotlight on various aspects of entrepreneurship on MAG/NET. Leadership is a core topic. Trends such as digitalization and globalization are challenging traditional forms of leadership. New approaches are needed in order for companies to operate in a changing world. A further aspect of entrepreneurship that MAG/NET seeks to address is family-owned businesses and their families. These established companies are often multi-generational undertakings with specific structures and needs. In this context, the question of succession is often a key challenge for the companies and families alike. We want to present inspiring stories on this subject – from profiles of entrepreneurs to the innovative projects and business models of companies. We hope this will prove a motivating read for existing and future entrepreneurs and their families. Entrepreneurship at LGT. 
LGT is a family-run company owned by the Princely House of Liechtenstein and it has been operating successfully for hundreds of years. This is why the topic of entrepreneurship is especially relevant for LGT. Our owners understand the specific needs of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families. And our employees see themselves as partners who offer support – and not solely in financial matters. 
We also believe that entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset are important outside the economy. Many projects in the areas of venture philanthropy and impact investing benefit from this economic perspective to also solve social problems. We have witnessed this as part of our long-standing international commitments in this area.


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