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Financial Knowledge

Are you looking for in-depth information on investments and financial products? Our informative articles and videos can help broaden your financial knowledge.

Stagflation, then and now

May 18, 2022

The strained global economic environment is giving rise to talk of stagflation – but what is stagflation, exactly?More

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In the Financial Knowledge section, we explain important aspects of finance and specific terms in a clear and comprehensible way. The information featured may include core facts about investments such as shares, funds, ETFs or alternative assets. This section of MAG/NET also aims to explain other important aspects of investing. For example, the question of how to assess investment risk is a key success factor when investing. Closely related to this is the question of how to achieve the right asset mix in a portfolio. If you understand how to combine different assets so that their strengths complement each other, you can improve your chances of success as an investor. For many investors, it is also more and more important to know the impact generated by their investments beyond the purely financial. We also want to reflect this aspect in the Financial Knowledge section. This relates especially to ESG criteria – encompassing environmental and social factors, as well as the question of governance within companies. We hope you can gain practical insights about your assets and finance in this section. We believe that the more you know about finance, the more control you have over your assets.


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