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Bottling the entrepreneurial spirit

March 26, 2020

reading time: 8 minutes

by Esther Clark, LGT

Cambridge Gin Distillery EY entreprenur of the year award

We've created a gin for every entrepreneurial character trait. Cheers! 

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Is it intellect? Or diligence? Have they always been overachievers, even at school?

This alone cannot be the reason, as the school careers of various entrepreneurs prove. David Karp, the creator of Tumblr, never even graduated from high school. Matt Mullenweg, who started WordPress, dropped out of college, as did Bill Gates. Arash Ferdowsi, the co-founder of Dropbox, dropped out of school in his last semester.

What makes successful entrepreneurs is not primarily their degree, or experience, or network, but their character. Where others give up, they don't let themselves get dejected. Where others are blind, they see potential. Where others shy away, they are not afraid to take a risk. They are driven by courage, determination, and a vision.

To us at LGT Vestra, time and again, getting to know entrepreneurs is truly inspiring. It might be their passion for creation, or their surprising ideas, or their refusal to follow the masses. When getting to know some of them in the context of our EY Entrepreneur of the Year sponsorship, we found that successful entrepreneurs share similar character traits:

  • They are determined. Once they take a decision, they may run into obstacles, but they won't allow themselves to become disheartened. 
  • They are brave. They don't shrink back from difficult situations. When others might fear failure or dejection, they prove their mental strength by staying calm and focused.
  • They are innovative. They are not necessarily inventors, but are great at adapting to changes quickly and effectively – be it new business models, better products or services.
  • They are curious. They don't stop where their expertise ends. They are eager to ask questions, find answers and never stop learning.
  • They are unconventional. They don't go with the flow. Sometimes, this means breaking existing rules and customs.
  • They are self-reliant. Confidence in one's own abilities is key. They know: If they don't believe in themselves, no one will.
  • They are tenacious. As an entrepreneur, failure is part of the game. Persisting therefore becomes all the more important. 
  • And last but not least, they are sleep-deprived. Responsibility and zest for action are not known to have a calming effect. 

Gin Cambridge Gin Distillery EY Entrepreneur of the Year
We decided to catch the entrepreneurial spirit in a spirit.

These thoughts and observations inspired us to get creative ourselves. We decided to catch the entrepreneurial spirit in a spirit: Together with the Cambridge Gin Distillery, we developed eight gins, one for each character trait. We chose the main ingredient for each gin by researching the symbols and history behind each character trait. For example, the Ancient Greeks used thyme to promote courage – ideal for the fearless entrepreneur.

Getting these ingredients to work with the taste of the gin was an art perfected by the Cambridge Gin Distillery and their rigorous distilling method. Each of the botanicals assigned to a character trait was distilled individually and under vacuum to achieve the perfect flavour. Lucy Lowe, co-founder of the Cambridge Gin Distillery, explains: "Temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables that we tailor to each and every botanical." William Lowe, their Master Distiller, then blended these individual distillates into a harmonious whole. "In our eight years history, this is the only time we have created gins to reflect a character trait. We really enjoyed the challenge."

Gin Cambridge Gin Distillery EY Entrepreneur of the Year
"This is the first time we have created gins to reflect a character trait," says Lucy Lowe from the Cambridge Gin Distillery.

We now regularly host gin tastings. At the recent NOAH London conference, we asked our guests to pick the trait they most identified with. Our determined gin proved to be the most popular, reflecting the strong-minded qualities of the entrepreneurs present. 

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Believed by the Ancient Greeks to increase physical stamina in athletes, juniper berries take the lead in this gin, providing a powerful and dominant finish. 

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Traditionally used by the Ancient Greeks to promote courage, the daring flavour of thyme boldly holds its own.

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Regarded as one of the world’s most pioneering flavours, vanilla breaks with tradition and is uniquely paired with juniper berries to give this gin a new and unique taste.

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Familiar yet exotic, lovage brings a unique herbaceous intensity to this unusual and intriguing combination.

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Created by breaking plant cells, spicy Wasabi is paired with the acidic flavour of lime. The result: unique and suprising. 

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Used in alternative Ayuveda therapies to promote self-confidence, rosehip and chamomile mix strongly to create a positive blend of flavours.

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This truffle-distilled gin draws parallels to the lengthy truffle cultivation process, bringing a long finish and a persistent aroma.

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First discovered by Ethiopia’s Oromo people for its energising properties, the coffee distilled with this gin creates a powerful and invigorating blend.

Images: Cambridge Distillery

Inspiring entrepreneurs

Thanks to its sponsorship of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, LGT Vestra meets truly inspiring entrepreneurs time and again. The award recognizes entrepreneurial achievements of individuals and companies from over 60 countries. 

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