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LGT Navigator: Trump sets the tone

July 12, 2018

The escalating trade dispute between the US and China and Trump's undiplomatic appearance at the NATO summit in Brussels led to a return of risk aversion and falling prices on the European and American stock markets. In Asia, the weaker yen pushed the trade dispute into the background. With the US government's newly announced punitive tariffs of 10% on Chinese goods worth USD 20bn, half of all imports from China would now be subject to special duties. US tariffs could enter into force at the end of August. China's government announced necessary countermeasures in case of entry into force.


The ECB's cautious bias toward an interest rate turnaround, despite the announcement to end its billion-dollar bond purchase program probably at the end of this year, weakened the euro significantly. The ECB maintained its key interest rate at a record low and remained extremely cautious in its communication. At the same time, the Bank of Japan also left its key interest rates unchanged and even lowered its inflation expectations.

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