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New CREDO issue on the topic of "community spirit"

March 21, 2014

The new issue of the LGT client magazine will be published in late March. Its topic is “community spirit.”

LGT introduces commited people like Jim Capraro, who wants to make Chicago a place worth living.

Every community depends on committed people, and our client journal CREDO introduces some of them. There is Jim Capraro, for example, who campaigns to make Chicago a place worth living in. And Dominik Scheuten, principal of the German School in Medellín in Colombia, who requires his students to show personal commitment towards less privileged members of the community. Five volunteers from Switzerland, Germany, China, Russia and Greece tell us how and why they decided to start working for the common good. And Carte Blanche is devoted to Hans Rudolf Herren, a winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize who is convinced that we can only feed the earth’s growing population in an eco-friendly manner.

Subscribing to CREDO

With our journal CREDO, we would like to demonstrate to you what we understand by “wealth-enhancing culture,” and what values are important to us as a bank. CREDO is published twice a year, in late March and late September. If you enjoy reading CREDO, why not access it online or request a subscription? We would be happy to send it to you free of charge. The “LGT Bank” app offers CREDO and other LGT publications for download on your tablet, free of charge.

Available to download: CREDO, Issue XVIII 2014 (PDF)

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