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"Playing is a great way to break the ice"

December 7, 2015

Employee Volunteering: Jerald Lim spent two months coaching students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Singapore as part of the LGT Graduate Program.

Children across Europe are well-acquainted with little Maya the Bee, the cartoon character who spends her time buzzing around, helping others to learn and overcome hurdles together. The Evergreen Bees Mentoring Programme (EBees) for disadvantaged young people is somewhat reminiscent of Maya: the idea is for children to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of young adults, learn with them and overcome challenges together with them.

This idea also appealed to Jerald Lim. And so, as part of the LGT Graduate Program, the 31-year-old joined EBees as a coach and mentor. EBees focuses on improving the academic foundation and developing positive characters of primary school-aged children ranging from ten to twelve years of age. Putting the “big bee helps little bee” motto into practice, Jerald Lim provided volunteer support for disadvantaged children living in Singapore.

Read more about Jerald Lims‘ LGT Graduate Program on page 28: Sustainability at LGT (PDF)