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LGT designated leading institution for wealth management in German-speaking countries

November 22, 2016

LGT impressed the testers of the prestigious Fuchsbriefe this year with a consistently high level of performance in all areas and in multiple countries. In the overall ranking, the international private banking and asset management group was awarded an outstanding second place standing from among all the financial institutions that were tested, and is thus one of the top leading wealth managers in German-speaking countries. In Liechtenstein, LGT was once again recognized as the best private bank in 2016.


The prestigious Fuchsbriefe awarded LGT a "very good" rating at yesterday’s Private Banking Summit in Berlin. Thanks to this outstanding result, LGT took an excellent second place ranking overall from among all the banks that were tested by Fuchsbriefe. LGT succeeded in asserting itself in the evaluation of over 80 financial institutions, and impressed testers with an outstanding overall result. "LGT has without a doubt delivered a first class performance. The bank is therefore one of the absolute leaders among its competitors – its high level and balanced performance across all four categories is impressive", was the conclusion of the testers. 

This year, the independent reviewers once again evaluated the advisory services, quality of the investment strategy, portfolio quality and transparency of wealth managers. For the testers at Fuchsbriefe, the visit to LGT was an extremely pleasant experience, and they praised the motivated, committed and competent relationship managers. "All of the issues that we touch on are addressed with attention and explained in a comprehensible and transparent manner. Overall, we enjoyed the friendly environment and the good atmosphere", they wrote in their report. In addition to a solid portfolio, LGT also scored points for its highly client-focused, well-presented and easy to understand investment recommendations. "Competitors have to go to great lengths to achieve a similar level of precision in their recommendations", the testers went on to say.

LGT remains the number one provider in Liechtenstein. On the all-time best list of top wealth managers, LGT moved up one place and now holds a sixth place ranking.  

Very good advisory services from LGT Bank Österreich

This year, the testers at Fuchsbriefe also visited LGT Bank Österreich. They were particularly impressed by how attentively the advisory team there listened, their high level of professional expertise, as well as by their in-depth analysis and different approaches for finding solutions. LGT Bank Österreich received accolades from Fuchsbriefe for its "very good" advisory services, which were ranked among the top three. LGT Bank Österreich also impressed Fuchsbriefe in terms of its overall performance. Their conclusion: "The subsidiary in Austria thus proves that it has what its parent company has – class."