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From Liechtenstein to the UK: a new offering for external asset managers

October 16, 2019

The bank of the Princely House of Liechtenstein is entering the UK market with an expanded offering for financial intermediaries.

Rainer Buechel, EAM United Kingdom, LGT Bank Liechtenstein
Rainer Buechel, EAM United Kingdom, LGT Bank Liechtenstein

The business conducted by external asset managers and family offices can be complicated to navigate. Increasing regulation, rising costs, margin pressure and changing client needs pose an enormous challenge for all stakeholders. However, this situation also offers major opportunities – if they position themselves properly.

Further expansion of the UK offering

A good network and professional partners are extremely helpful to this end. Partners such as LGT, which is now represented in the UK not only by the products and services offered by LGT Vestra but also by an external asset manager team that is part of LGT Bank Ltd. in Liechtenstein. “We already serve a number of external asset managers in the UK out of Liechtenstein and we want to further expand this business. Meanwhile LGT Vestra will continue to serve the needs of Financial Advisers within UK,” says Rainer Buechel, Head of LGT Bank Ltd.’s newly created EAM UK team. Buechel knows what he is talking about: before joining LGT, he held a management role in the UK intermediaries business at a major Swiss bank.

An important business component for 30 years

LGT, which has been owned by the Princely House of Liechtenstein for over 80 years, also has decades of experience in the intermediaries business, which has been an important and substantial component of LGT Private Banking for around 30 years. “As one of the last effectively owner-managed and independent private banks with strong international expertise in the intermediaries business, we are very well positioned to cater to wealth managers in the UK with our attractive product and services offering,” says Rainer Buechel.

Reducing the workload

As their custodian bank, LGT aims to take as much work off its clients’ hands as possible and ensures that the shared interfaces are efficient and effective. That means not only providing a corresponding service offering and a flexible and innovative platform, but also supplying relevant information – be it with regard to market events or regulatory requirements and their impact. “In addition to these factors, which are directly relevant for the business, our financial intermediaries also appreciate LGT’s good ratings, the fact we are well capitalized, our unique ownership structure and our long-term perspective,” explains Rainer Buechel. But the bank also scores points for its specialties, such as international mortgages, private label fund solutions, sustainable investment products and the bank's affinity for art.

Agile Liechtenstein

LGT’s expanded offering for financial intermediaries provides clients with attractive opportunities for diversification in a secure financial center located in the EEA. In the past, Liechtenstein has demonstrated its ability to react agilely to changing circumstances – for example with the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility or as an early adopter of the Automatic Exchange of Information. In addition, the country’s political, economic and legal stability is becoming increasingly important, especially in uncertain times.

Contact for external asset managers in UK

Rainer Buechel
EAM United Kingdom

Phone +423 235 2617

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