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SmartBanking Pro - die digitale Plattform für Finanzintermediäre

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Ihre Vorteile mit LGT SmartBanking Pro

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How to register

Here are our step-by-step guides to getting into LGT SmartBanking for the first time.

To the instructions (pdf-version for smartphones or LGT cryptogram scanner)

Not got LGT SmartBanking yet?

Please contact your relationship manager to gain access to LGT SmartBanking.

You can find the most important information on the platform online.

To the online help

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

LGT SmartBanking Support
Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm (CET)
Phone +423 235 23 25

  • Technical requirements
  • Guaranteeing security

LGT SmartBanking can be used on any Web-enabled device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). LGT SmartBanking is compatible with the following browsers:

Chrome (v64 or higher)
Firefox (v59 or higher)
EdgeHTML (v13 or higher)
Safari (v9.1 or higher)

The LGT SmartBanking app works on mobile devices that meet the following system requirements:

Apple: iOS 10.0 or higher
Android: 6.0 or higher

For security reasons, you will need a user account complete with personal user ID and password in order to access LGT SmartBanking. A letter containing these details will be mailed to you. Your activation letter will be sent by separate cover. Please keep these documents in a safe place and do not share them with anyone else.

If you log in on a desktop, laptop or tablet:
For security reasons, you will always need to provide authentication on a second device as well as entering your user ID and password. This means that you will need a smartphone or a second tablet running the LGT SmartBanking app in order to use LGT SmartBanking on your desktop, laptop or tablet. This can be downloaded from your mobile device’s app store. Alternatively, you can use an LGT cryptogram scanner. This is a separate small scanning device that your contact will be happy to provide you with on request. You can use your smartphone or LGT cryptogram scanner to scan the cryptogram on your desktop, laptop or tablet to provide authentication. A security code will then appear to complete the authentication process.

If you log in on a smartphone:
If you would like to access LGT SmartBanking directly from your smartphone, you will only be required to enter your user ID and password. You will not need to provide authentication using a cryptogram. Please be aware that you will have to activate your mobile device before you can use the LGT SmartBanking app for the first time. You will need a desktop, laptop or tablet for this one-time activation.

Sign-up instructions (pdf)