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Portfolio management

You set the direction with your relationship manager. Our investment experts invest your assets professionally according to your specifications.

The dynamic nature and increasing complexity of the financial markets necessitate that your assets be constantly monitored. Under a portfolio management mandate, you commission our specialists to take care of your investments professionally and individually. What you can expect from us:

  • We monitor financial market trends on your behalf
    Our experts carefully analyze financial market trends on a daily basis.
  • We strictly follow your specifications
    You can rest assured that your assets are always invested according to the agreed strategy.
  • We design your portfolio management mandate in accordance with your own requirements
    You incorporate your needs and objectives. We devise a customized solution for you.
  • Our investment decisions are transparent and comprehensible to you
    You have full transparency over your investments at all times and your personal relationship manager acts as a competent contact partner.

Your benefits with LGT portfolio management mandates

Alignment of interest

As the family office of the Princely House of Liechtenstein, we have years of experience in managing sizable sums of assets. Our portfolio management services are based on the same principles used to manage the wealth of the Princely Family. Long-term focus and independence stand at the core of what we do.

Professionally managed

With a LGT portfolio management solution you have access to the full range of LGT’s investment capabilities. Investment decisions are made in close collaboration between portfolio managers and our research teams. Our established investment process and philosophy build the fundament for your long-term investment success.


Together with your relationship manager we establish a strategy. Your personally assigned portfolio manager constructs, monitors and manages your portfolio according to your individual goals, needs and risk profile.

LGT investment process

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