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Wealth planning: Efficiently structure and pass on your assets

Complex asset and family relationships require a comprehensive and long-term wealth planning and positioning perspective. Ask LGT's wealth planning specialists for support.

Do the members of your family live and work in several different countries? Is part of your wealth tied up in your own company? Do you generate earnings from several sources and in different countries? Are you involved in the philanthropic domain or do you collect art?

Reaching goals with your wealth

LGT's international wealth planning teams can help you to

  • optimally position your international assets
  • efficiently pass on your wealth to the next generation
  • invest your wealth efficiently and sustainably in line with your wishes
  • optimize the administrative costs.

When it comes to special wealth planning questions, our wealth planners work together with a proven network of national and international specialists. LGT does not, however, provide any legal or tax advice and clients are requested to contact their own tax advisors.

Optimal positioning of complex asset portfolios

For complex wealth and family relationships in particular it is important to position assets internationally in a way that spans generations. This gives you and your family

  • long-term planning certainty and flexibility and
  • makes it easier to pass on your wealth.

The focus falls on investment vehicles that are best suited for passing on your wealth. In addition to your private assets invested with banks, the funds tied up in your own company and non-bankable assets such as real estate or art collections can be part of a comprehensive investment advisory process. LGT’s specialists would be happy to help you.

Elke Willi

"Succession planning is a very emotional topic. This is why it's important to us to follow a structured approach when passing on wealth, to take account of all aspects and to consult all the parties involved."

Elke Willi, Head of Wealth Planning at LGT Bank (Austria)

Efficient estate planning

Estate planning should be approached in good time and with great caution and should incorporate all assets.

  • These are often located in different countries with different framework conditions.
  • It is also important to take account of the sometimes very different values, objectives and needs of the different family members during the planning and implementation process.

LGT's experts have a wealth of experience in national and international estate planning as well as in the development and formulation of family governance principles. They will also advise you on your charitable or philanthropic projects.

Professionally implement a move across national borders

If you or other members of your family move your residence to another country, your situation can change substantially. You should therefore gear your asset portfolio to the new framework conditions at an early stage, also if it needs to be restructured. LGT has international wealth planning teams in different countries and can provide you with targeted support.

Holistic wealth planning

Do you want to find out more about how to efficiently structure your assets? Our local experts would be happy to have an informal discussion with you.


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